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Large Frame Clutch Rebuild
  • Torch
  • Hammer (rubber and regular)
  • Clutch Tool T-20322
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Chisel
  • Pick
  • Channel Locks
  • Small Block of wood
  • Vice (not nessasary)
  • Insert the screw part of clutch tool into back of the clutch (side with the gear)


  • Flip the clutch over and insert the ring part


  • Put the nut part into the vice (if you are using one)
    if not just put the nut on



  • Screw it into the nut


  • You can tighten it simply by spinning the whole clutch clockwise
  • Once it is full compressed use a small flat head screwdriver to pry off the Circlip
  • Continue working it around
  • Pull it off
  • The top plate may be difficult to remove if so use a screwdriver to pry it off
  • Once to top plate of off you can grab the gear and remove all the rest of the plates
  • This is no goood they should not be black or burnt most likely if you are rebuilding the clutch these are the problem ALWAYS REPLACE
  • Inspect the Drive Gear it should have no play whatsoever (hold the plate still and try to move the gear (it should be tight)


  • If it is loose simply use a ball peen hammer and smash the rivets flat.
  • Inspect the Brass Bushing if it is loose or scored in anyway REPLACE it.
  • Next loosen the clutch for the tool by spinning it counter clockwise
  • Pull the tool out


  • To remove the Bushing (if it doesn't just pull off with your fingers) Hit it with a chisel one swift hit should do it. Don't hit it too hard you don't want to damage the backplate.


  • Inspect the Clutch Basket check for cracks REPLACE if necessary.
  • Time for Reassembly
  • Put the Heat on the Brass Bushing NOT TOO MUCH just hold the flame on for a few seconds don't discolor it.


  • Use your channel locks to pick it up IT'S HOT!!
  • Place it on the Back Plate
    Six Spring 159905
    Seven Spring P200 159853
  • Get the Brass Bushing started with the rubber end of you hammer


  • If you have a vice place your block of wood on the bushing side and slowly close the vice.
  • If  you don't have a vice you can use the old bushing to hammer the new one on.
  • Remember SLOWLY if you go to fast you can crack the bushing
  • Put your Clutch Tool T-20322 nut back into the
  • Put the basket on the ring part of the tool
  • Replace the Back Plate
    Six Spring 159905
    Seven Spring P200 159853
  • Make sure on the P200 you align the hole in the back plate with the hole in the basket
  • Insert the Screw part of the tool
  • Again spin the clutch clockwise to compress the Springs. Only compress them about half way
  • Using a small pick of screwdriver push the tops of the Springs until they make a CLICK sound.
  • This is what you are doing (CLICKING the springs into the recesses on the Back Plate
    Six Spring 159905
    Seven Spring P200 159853


  • Compress the springs all the way now.
  • Install the Drive Gear making sure it spins freely
  • Finally the last cork plate will go on cork side down
  • Install the circlip by holding it in place with you finger and working it into the groove with the other.
  • When you are done the break in the Circlip should be on a solid part of the Basket
  • There you have it, now that wasn't so bad was it